UdR’s activities october 2012

Project focus

Building on underpinning work around the sensory profiling of primary schools, the synthesis of a wide range of literature and several POE studies, this project focuses on the optimal sensory-driven design features for primary schools, and in particular aims to examine: The evidence for demonstrable impacts of the school building design on the learning rates of children in primary schools.

Sounding Panel members

Alastair Blyth, OECD CELE (education policy); John Lorimer, Manchester City Council (schools client); Prof Tom Albright, Salk Institute (neuroscience and sight); Prof Mariana Figueiro, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (light researcher); Dr Philo Bluyssen, TNO (environmental comfort researcher); Prue Chiles, Sheffield University (architectural school design); Zhang Hongru, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (environmental performance); Joao Nuno Pernao, TU, Portugal (school design and colour); Prof Pietro Zennaro, IUAV, Venice (light and colour in architecture); Jim Chapman, Director AECOM, Manchester (school and hospital architect); Professor Jacqueline Vischer, University of Montreal (office environments); Professor Alan Short, University of Cambridge (low energy buildings and theatres); Dr John Zeisel, Alzheimer Hearthstone, Boston (sensory healthcare design); Nusrat Faizullah, CEO British Council for School Environments (education sector network and policy); Adrian Swain, Caroline Paradise and Richard Mazuch, Nightingale Associates (design in schools and hospitals); Carl Baker, Blackpool Council (schools client); and Neil Satchdev, Property Director Sainsbury’s (retail sector).

The meeting will be held in Venice, October 11- 12. 2012
for more information please download the venue brochure
Here you may download the PROGRAM of the event: HEAD Project Sounding Panel Programme 11-12 October 2012



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